Annik Piriou is an accomplished graduate of Oxford University’s world famous Ruskin School of Drawing and Painting, where she studied Fine Art in the 1960’s.

Over the years Annik Piriou has turned her hand to may art forms, from battique to pottery, but it was in the 1980’s that she unearthed a talent for working with silver and gold and she began creating
jewellery. She very quickly developed her own unique style, at once rugged, beautiful and enchanting.

Many of her pieces might just as easily been found in a treasure trove buried in the sand for thousands of years, or in the grave of a nameless warrior, than hand crafted by a contemporary jeweller.

Other pieces have a much more contemporary and sometimes even futuristic feel to them, decorated with dark marks and gold plate.

Annik Piriou works mainly in sterling silver and gold, creating all of her work by hand using simple tools – modern versions of the same tools used by the ancients – making each piece of jewellery unique.

Over the years, Annik Piriou’s work has evolved and changed. She has worked tirelessly to explore new themes and techniques. It is the process that fascinates her, how an unworked piece of metal can be crafted and transformed into an object of desire.

Always innovative and original, her work has been recognised by many as being in a class of its own.